About him . . .

Tanju Bayramoglu is of Turkish & American nationality and is a long time photographer with a unique eye for design and artistic interpretation.

He can be described as a person who really loves photography, graphic design, web design and above all anything related to technical and mechanical fields...
Actually he is the person who has many interests for many things in life and is always looking towards the future, not the past.

He was born in Canakkale, Turkey in 1947 and lived in Turkey until he was 28, then in 1975 he moved to Mexico City, Mexico. During his time in Turkey he mainly lived in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

His passion for photography started over four decades ago when he joined 'TRT-TV'; the Turkish Radio-TV Corporation in Ankara in 1964, then shortly afterwards he became a distinguished cameraman (photo journalist). He belongs to a small very first group of people who started 'TRT-TV', Turkish Television(1968).

Tanju covered numerous national and international news events around the globe. His impressive work on some of the old documentaries still air to this day. He has extensive experience using film and video cameras plus, professional levels of 35mm SLRs and 6X6 (120) still photography cameras but since 2001 Tanju shoots only in digital format.

During his years in Mexico City(Nov.1975 - Feb.1982), Tanju opened his own photography, graphic design & advertisement business PHOTO ISTANBUL. While he was also working as a designer for a fashion leather-goods manufacturer ARIES. He also oversaw all darkroom production and quality control.

In 1997 Tanju crossed the threshold into the computer age and attended two years of college and in 2010 retired. He now enjoys an easy-going lifestyle and is very grateful.

Tanju's work has always made an impression on his friends and family, and is known for his conceptual eye and his ability to capture the true beauty of nature. Tanju currently resides with his wife Elizabeth, in Phoenix, AZ-USA(since 1983). He is a proud man by having two wonderful sons,Tanju Can & Deniz and, two wonderful grandchildren, Tanju & Mina.

He is currently working part-time as a free-lancer on designing and maintanence of websites for clients. Furthermore, he sells his photographs on his on-line gallery and in local art shows. Seasonally participating in the the City of Scottsdale's weekend, 'Native Trial' and 'Sunday A'Fair', located at the 'Scottsdale Center For The Performing Arts'. (For more info please visit Art Shows section)
Tanju also volunteers as a graphic designer for the International Cancer Advocacy Network.

For those interested, please visit his other website on his native country TURKEY: www.helloturkey.net.